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We Love Acme! Do you?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

This is Why Leadia, Knock On Wood Interior Designer, Recommends Acme

Epic Retro

Terry Clark, who was extremely generous with information and images about the history of the company — so we have an epic Retro Renovation story! Acme Chrome Furniture Ltd. was established in March 1946 — and will celebrate 70 continuous years. We are their exclusive local retailer.

The production of these vintage dinettes actually paused in 1959, when consumer demand for these styles started to wane. But, the company made other varieties of metal furniture for other markets so at no time did metal furniture production ever ceased at the company.

But good news: Although the original tool-bending dies went unused for the next 35 years, they remained in Acme’s possession and -The Classic Chrome Retro Dinette program features designs replicated from our 1949 – 1959 product line, but manufactured with current technology and materials.

Today, aluminum profiles we use have been bright-dip anodized and do not oxidize or leave residue on hands or clothing; proprietary extrusion dies are used to form the aluminum edge trim designs. [The popular aluminum edge trim applied on tables in the post-war era was not anodized so it would leach aluminum oxide (grey metallic residue) on to clothing, aprons, etc. much as newsprint can do to your hands. The home maker’s solution was to wipe the aluminum regularly with vinegar to stay ahead of the oxidation process.]

The high-pressure laminate of the ’50s (Arborite, Formica, etc.) was available mainly in a high gloss finish, which was susceptible to scratching from dishes, appliances, and normal everyday use. Today the laminates we obtain have suede finishes or protective surfaces which are much more durable and scratch resistant.

The vinyl upholstery of the 1950’s was of a lighter weight than current materials, and usually did not have reinforced jersey backing like our vinyl does today. The result was that chair seats could split in transit due to extreme cold weather. The chairs of that era used cotton padding, not nearly as comfortable as the polyurethane foam used today. oh so retro!

This is why Leadia, Knock On Wood Interior Designer, recommends Acme.

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